We Back I.T. Up

Who We Are

Back IT Up is a cybersecurity firm in the State of Florida that protects businesses of all sizes from hackers and ransomware!

Why Does Cybersecurity Matter?

In a world where it is no longer an if, but when you get attacked, it is important to have a security first mindset and to properly protect ourselves and our customers in an ever-changing security landscape.

Proactive Security

Using only the best methods and solutions, we take a proactive approach in protecting your and your customers from all angles and ensuring that yo are prepared for whatever cybercriminals will throw at you!


Total Data Security

Security goes way beyond having a firewall and a traditional Antivirus program. We provide you with Total Data Security that protects you from all angles and threats.

BIU Proactive IT Care

Not only do we protect your data, but we also ensure that you always have access to it by supporting you and your staff's IT needs through Proactive IT Care.

Incident Response & Business Continuity

In a world where disasters and security incidents can happy at any time, we ensure that not only are you prepared, but that your can respond effectively and that your business can continue to operate during and after those incidents and situations.

Back IT Up

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